Tuesday, August 30, 2016

my little lion cub

So, Leo went to the vet last week for a checkup, some blood work and a haircut.

I don't have the results of the blood work yet; however, the vet sent me home with more B12 injections. Apparently he will need to stay on these to ensure he absorbs all the nutrients from his food and to keep his weight steady. The dose is one shot per month, which is simple and inexpensive. 

He also got a bath and a shave while he was there. They gave me a choice of six different cuts. I picked this one (below). He was supposed to have a pom pom on the end of the tail, but they couldn't do it. They said he has something called "stud tail." I've never heard of it. Apparently his tail excretes excess oil, which causes the fur to mat. Because of that, he didn't have enough fur at the end of his tail to make the pom pom. I was worried that the vet would want to sedate him for the shave; however, they said they always make a good effort to do it without sedation. When I got the call later in the day they said Leo didn't need sedation, that was absolutely perfect, and that he purred the whole time. He was a little stressed when they shaved his legs, but he was still manageable. 

Here he is. Isn't he cute? He really looks like a miniature lion running around the house. And his coat is so velvety! I LOVE rubbing him up and down and feeling all the peach fuzz! As you can see, he wasn't too thrilled with me for making him pose.



  1. So handsome! I cannot even.....Glad he's doing better!

  2. Thanks! He seems to be doing much better, although he's suddenly decided he doesn't care for the special food anymore. Typical cat!