Wednesday, August 24, 2016

another vet visit: Leo and Oscar

Oscar and Leo are headed to the vet this Friday for a re-check.

I've posted about Leo's issues before. Now it's time for him to have a re-check. Friday he's going for a weigh-in and a liver panel to see if the special diet helped the issues in his digestive tract. I think the weigh-in will go well, since I've been weighing him at home and he's holding steady at 11 pounds. That's a half-pound gain since doing the B12 shots a couple months ago. :) I'm really hoping that they tell me he can come off the special diet, as the food is quite expensive: an 8.8 lb. bag is about $50.00. (Compare that to the prescription Urinary Tract food for Max, which is $50.00 for a 16 lb. bag. And dry food at the grocery store is about $17.00 for a 16 lb. bag.) Also, he's having a lion's cut. He's a Persian and has a ton of fur, so every once it awhile it's necessary to shave him down to eliminate mats and just pretty him up in general. He always looks so cute when it's done.

Oscar is having a re-check. I brought him to the vet a couple weeks ago because I suspected a bladder infection. His bladder was clear, but his urine was dark and bloody. The vet felt that he might have a kidney infection, so she prescribed anti-inflammatory pills. He also got a long-acting antibiotic shot. It's been fun trying to pill a cat. I bought some pill pockets, which are soft and are similar to cat treats. You just put the pill inside of it and the cat is supposed to eat it. But Oscar is not a real cat in that he doesn't eat canned food, treats, tuna, etc. Just dry food. Even though he has no teeth. I'm hoping his re-check shows the possible infection is gone and he's fine.

I'll be sure to report back on their progress and also post a picture of Leo with his new haircut.

This is Oscar.

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  1. I will keep a good thought for your Oscar and Leo. :)