Friday, August 5, 2016

a weekend on the Jersey shore

No, I wasn't at the beach and I wasn't hanging out with Snooki and Pauly. 

Last weekend I met my cousin in New Jersey to see Straight No Chaser, an a cappella group we like. The show was great. The guys were perfectly on point and as handsome as ever. We spent Saturday in the casino before taking in the show Saturday night. I was doing well before the show, but my luck started to change afterwards, so I called it a night.

We had a really nice steak dinner on Friday night, courtesy of her wonderful husband.  I couldn't eat as much as I would have liked, but that's life nowadays. When I go out to eat now, I'm always torn between ordering what I really want and what will make decent leftovers, since there are always leftovers now. Steak isn't usually good in the microwave so I was leaning towards lobster, but the market price for just the tail was completely ridiculous. Plus, I knew I couldn't finish it anyway and thought that would be worse as a leftover. I ended up with the smallest steak possible:  the 10 oz. filet mignon. Normally I'm not a fan of filet because it's very mild tasting and over-priced, but I couldn't fathom ordering an 18 oz. sirloin. So, I got the filet. Actually, we both got the filet.  It was delicious! Cooked perfectly, not overly mild, and very tender. It was served on top of a giant hash brown with demi glace underneath. I was worried the sauce would be on top--I'm a naked-steak-lover--but it wasn't. It was underneath and it was the perfect amount. I ordered sautéed mushrooms and onions on the side, which were also delicious. Needless to say, I had enough for three more meals. I snacked from it throughout the weekend:  no fork or knife, and fresh from the fridge. Surprisingly good! We started off with garlic bread with cheese fondue and a Caprese salad, which we had some left over there, too.

I'm happy to say that I worked out both days while away. As soon as I got to the hotel Friday, I dropped my bags, changed my clothes, and headed to the hotel gym.  I spent 35 minutes on the treadmill:  15 minutes at 3.0 MPH at 1% incline, followed by 20 minutes of sprints. I ran six sprints and alternated between 3.0 MPH and 7.0 MPH. My sprints are about 15 seconds long, which mimics the distance I sprint in my backyard at home.  I then went to the room and did three sets of each:  20 walking lunges, 20 body squats, followed by pushups. I was wiped out when I was done! On Saturday I went to the gym around 7:30 am and walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I then went to the room and did 20 walking lunges followed by 20 body squats. Since I actually didn't have to exercise that morning I took it easy.

The best part (other than seeing the cuz, having a great steak and seeing Straight No Chaser) is that when I got home and weighed myself, I was down to 211.2--I lost 3 pounds that weekend! Probably because I spent so much time in the casino....


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