Sunday, April 24, 2016

small victories

Today's small victory:  I prepared lunch for my husband and didn't eat any of the potato chips.  Not even one.  Was I tempted?  Definitely.  But then I thought about all the progress I'm making these last few weeks and that stopped me. Plus, I knew that having just one would likely start a craving for carbs--something I've been limiting lately.  The carbs I'm limiting are crackers, chips and bread. I've noticed that since I've starting do that again, I'm not craving them anymore.


  1. Snap, I am limiting those same carbs. And replacing a lot of potato with sweet potato, where I can. :) I have not bought any potato chips since January 1. We do have another option here called Vege chips which are made from cassava, I think? They are very low calorie and have a satisfying crunch.

    1. I tried kale chips this weekend. Pretty good, buy next time I will save them for teeth were green!