Saturday, October 10, 2015

spicy chili-rubbed pork

I tried a couple new recipes last weekend, one of which is Chili Rubbed Pulled Pork from I had all the ingredients, plus a pork roast to use, and it felt like a crock pot kind of day, so I decided to make it.

Wouldn't you know, I didn't have one ingredient:  chili powder.  I have just about every other herb and spice under the sun, but no chili powder.  I didn't really feeling like running to the store for just one item, so I Googled and found a recipe for chili powder.  I had no idea that chili powder is actually a combination of six different herbs and spices.  I always thought it was chili peppers ground into powder. I had all the necessary ingredients to make my own, so I did. 

It was such as easy recipe.  Just cut up a pork roast, dump all the spices in a bowl, toss to coat, and then put in the crock pot for four to five hours.  What you get is a spicy roast that pulls apart very easily.  It can be used on sandwiches, in burritos, over rice, or anything else you might was to use it for.

This was very spicy. I'm not adverse to spice, but I find these days it can give me acid reflux at night sometimes.  If I made it again I would likely just use a pinch of the cayenne pepper.  Also, it didn't have as much pork flavor as I would have liked.  I didn't have a pork butt, so I used the sirloin pork roast.  That probably made a big difference in the richness.

I'd make this again making the changes I mentioned above.  It was so easy and perfect for those days when you just don't want to deal with cooking a whole meal, or if you just want to have pork in the fridge for use with other recipes.

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