Wednesday, October 14, 2015

quest protein bar: pumpkin pie

I went to the store over the weekend and decided to get some protein bars.  I don't buy a lot of protein bars, mainly because I tend to eat them like candy bars; they don't stick around my house very long. 

I like Quest best.  They taste great and they're not as high in calories as some of the other protein bars.  Plus, they have whey protein isolate, which is what I need.  And there's no added sugar. 

I noticed that the store I was in had the new chocolate mint bars and the pumpkin pie bars.  I was excited to try something new so I grabbed two of the chocolate mint and one pumpkin; I'm not a huge pumpkin fanatic and didn't want to waste money. 

I brought the pumpkin one to work today and ate it for breakfast.  I was excited, because it felt heavier than other flavors (extra food!), but I was disappointed to see it's the same weight:  2.12 ounces.  I unwrapped it.  First of all, the thing was practically florescent orange, which didn't bode well.  (The picture doesn't accurately convey the neon-ness of it.) There were graham cracker pieces under the coating, so it was very bumpy looking. 

And the taste?  Meh.  It was OK, but nothing special.  I didn't taste pumpkin.  It tasted more like a yogurt-covered protein bar.  Kind of nondescript, I guess. I wouldn't buy this again, although if someone gave me one and I was hungry, I'd eat it.  It wasn't terrible, just not what I expected.  Especially since Quest bars generally taste exactly like whatever flavor they're supposed to taste like.

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