Tuesday, May 2, 2017

i can wear pants again!

Well, I could wear pants before. What I mean is I can finally, after more than two months, wear pants that have a button and zipper! I know, it's quite the accomplishment. It is. Really! 

After my tummy tuck I could wear only pajama pants because I needed something very soft and loose-fitting. When it was time to go back to work, I really struggled to find pants with either a drawstring waist or a very loose-fitting elastic waist; it was harder than I thought it would be. I ended up putting together a hodge-podge mixture of $5.00 Walmart leggings that just didn't fit right (but I made them work) or decided after the fact I didn't like them; workout leggings from the plus-sized clothing store with a tighter elastic waist, which weren't always very comfortable, and also soft velour leggings; and a few pairs of leggings I actually felt comfortable in. It was a trying time. I wore a skirt a few times, but pantyhose were also a problem so I had to buy stay-up thigh highs, which was a very weird feeling at work knowing I had those on.

During the last two months I tried on my old pants a few times; however, they made my hips feel bruised and the bottom of the zipper landed right where my incision had separated and was still healing. (Plus, a certain body part is now exposed and level with my abs, where it had been barely exposed prior to surgery. Very sensitive!) My old pants are all "skinny" pants leaning strongly towards tailored leggings, so there was no room to breathe in them. Soft and stretchy, but still tight enough to not be comfortable yet. I gave up and decided to wait until the incision was completely closed before trying again.

Today was the day and I'm happy to say my old pants fit and they're comfortable. It feels so good to be wearing regular pants again. Workout capris and leggings were getting pretty old.

I haven't tried my jeans yet. I think I'll wait for the weekend. Baby steps.

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