Tuesday, March 14, 2017

gluten-free granola: nutty cranberry maple

Recently I had a chance to try new snack:  Nutty Cranberry Maple Gluten-Free Granola by Bakery on Main ( a gluten-free bakery). It was purely by chance. A box of snack bags was shipped to someone at work and they put it in the cafeteria for all to enjoy.  I had more than one that day. :)  (Note:  I don't have celiac disease, or any other issues with gluten.)

I honestly didn't think I'd like a gluten-free product. I'd seen all the gluten-free breads and such in the grocery store, and they just don't look very appetizing. The sandwich rolls look like they could kill someone if they went airborne, and most of the products just don't look quite right. This granola was delicious, though, and I really enjoyed it. I really liked that the maple flavor wasn't overwhelming. There was just a hint, which is usually not the case with products containing maple flavor.  One thing I will say is that this shouldn't be left out in the open air. It can get a little sticky.

I love how this looks. You can see all the little goodies packed into the mix. If you're someone who likes the folded, super crunchy potato chips, you'll probably like this texture. It's got a ton of crunch. 

As you can see, the ingredients are all natural. I don't see anything artificial in there, so I'm thinking you can find this in Whole Foods and other natural food stores. Actually, I found this in the mainstream grocery store in the natural foods isle. This bag (12 ounces) was $5.79.

Calorie content appears to be less than regular granola.  There's 8 grams of sugar, which is manageable for me.  Carbs are high at 20 grams, but it's granola so there's really no getting around that.

Would I buy this again? Most definitely. But I'll need to eat it in moderation, because it's just so good!

If you want to check out their other products, go here:  Bakery On Main.  You can shop online!

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