Sunday, January 3, 2016

last night's dinner: baked chicken breasts with stuffing

OK, it's not exactly last night's dinner, but I did make it for dinner last week.  I'm just late in getting to this post.

I made something I haven't made in a long time:  chicken breasts baked with stuffing and corn.  I wanted something easy:  you just bake the raw breasts in a casserole pan, which is covered for most of the cooking time, along with 5-minute stove top stuffing mix and some corn.  (It's also good way to use up the leftover corn and stuffing from Thanksgiving, which makes it even easier; you don't have to prepare a box of stuffing mix.) It's also an old standby I use when I don't know what else to make and nothing calls to me.

I've been on a boneless chicken breast buying kick lately; there have been some sales and one place, Price Rite, sells it really cheap most of the time.  Like $1.69-a-pound cheap!  And beef has been so expensive this past year, so I buy what's cheaper nowadays.  (Although, I've discovered that I can get it for half price, or less, by going early on a Saturday or Sunday morning and buying the meat that's dated to sell by the following day or the day after.  I got ribeye steaks for 60% off last week!) Plus, you can do so many things with chicken.

Anyway, I decided to crack open a pack of boneless chicken breasts.  The breasts were huge so I trimmed them of fat and then cut them into smaller pieces.  I then sprinkled them with salt and pepper, and partially sauteed them in a pan sprayed with cooking spray, so as to reduce the cooking time further (you can just use raw breasts if you don't want to do this extra step); I had just got home from work and I knew it would take at least an hour from start to finish to make this dish.  While the breasts were frying, I prepared the stuffing.  I sprayed the casserole pan with non-stick cooking spray.  Then I mixed the corn in with the finished stuffing and then put it all in the pan.  I then put the breasts on top, covered it, and baked it at 350 for about 40 minutes, until the breasts were cooked through.  It all depends on how thick the breasts are as to how long it takes to cook.

Here's the finished product.

And here's my portion.  I couldn't finish it, so Bob got the last bite.

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