Saturday, June 17, 2017

what kind of plants are these?

Due to the surgery, I really haven't gotten outside to do any weeding in the garden so it looks like a jungle out there. Some of the weeds come up without any difficulty, but some of them are hard to pull up, and the pulling motion irritates my healing abdominal muscles. As a result, I have a few plants that I don't recognize, because I normally pull them out before they grow into anything.

Any gardeners out there who can help me identify these plants? I have flowers that came up at the edge of my garden this year and I have no idea that they are. I also have a bush in my garden that produces beautiful magenta flowers every year.

These are about two feet tall right now, maybe a little taller, and they have purple flowers on top of long stems with long, skinny leaves. I think last year I pulled them up before they got this big, thinking they're a weed. I've been Googling, but I haven't had any luck yet.

Here's a closeup, in case the other pic is hard to see.

This is the bush. It's probably about six feet tall and produces these gorgeous flowers in clusters. I'm thinking it's some sort of azalea. It's part of another bush, which I was able to identify:  scentless mock orange. They look very pretty when they're in bloom, as they bloom at the same time.

So, does anyone know what these might be?  I'm keeping a log of the plants and shrubs as I've been able to identify them, either by myself or with help from readers or friends.


  1. The first one might be some kind of Centaurea (knapweed). Those are invasive species in North America so you might want to get rid of them. The second one definitely looks like an azalea!

    1. Yes, you are correct on the first one! I've never seen them in the garden before; however, this is the first time I didn't pull them out early, so that might be why. I'll have to keep an eye on them. The second one is actually Weigela Florida 'Red Prince', I later found out. It looks very similar to azalea, though, so I thought it might be a variety I hadn't seen; it's gorgeous!