Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Marty, our newest family member

I'm happy to announce that this handsome guy is ours!  We adopted Marty this weekend, which was made possible by two special people. (Thank you so much!!)

Marty came to us as a foster kitty. (That was the original intent, anyway.) He was very skittish and needed some time to settle in. Once he did, though, he blossomed into a cuddly love bug.  He loves to be in our laps or cuddled up to our necks. Usually all I have to do is make eye contact with him and gesture with a head nod for him to come up and cuddle. I've been wanting another lap cat for a long time and I finally have one--Leo is a lap cat, but he's not really a cuddler.

Marty has a couple nicknames already:  Marty the marshmallow and Marty the love bug. There's also Mar-Mar, which came from his original foster mom, and Marty-Mar. Over time I'm sure we will come up with some more as we see more of his personality.  All of my other cats have nicknames that evolved over time, some of which I won't print here as they're mostly swear words:

  • Lou:  Louis, Louie, Lucy-fur (his original name was Lucifer--he came with that name)
  • Leo:  Leonard, Lee Lee, mommy's fat little munchkin
  • Oscar:  Oskie
  • Max:  Maxie-poo, Maxi pad (blame Bob for that one!), Poops or Poopers (there's a story to those two names...)
  • Baily:  Baily Boo, Boo Bear, Boober, Boo, Bear
  • Felix:  Feefer, Feef, Feely
  • Thelma:  Thel, Big Girl
  • Louise:  Little Girl
  • Leia:  Baby Girl
  • Tiffany:  Tiff, Tiffster, Sweetie, Little One or Tiny Girl 

We're very happy to have Marty.  Him and all 13 inches (!!) of his tail.  As you can see, he seems to be content with life lately.


  1. He is so gorgeous! Happy moments for all, especially for Marty it seems. :)

    Mine are still sulking a little about us going away. It seems they missed having us around, even though their food still arrived daily via Grandma and Grandpa.

    1. Cats can be like that! LOL Mine were happy to see us when we got home from vacation...because they knew they were back to a normal meal schedule.