Tuesday, December 15, 2015

sickness go away!

I have a wicked cold for the first time since my weight loss surgery.  I love that I haven't been sick since then, but I've forgotten how miserable a cold can be.  I actually stayed home from work today.

Most people say, "Oh, it's just a cold. Take medicine and go to work!" But getting sick nowadays is a little more complicated. Sure, I can take something, but what?  Pills don't seem to be very effective on me, which is why when I have a headache I'm often suffering for a few days.  I can take Tylenol, and it works for a bit, but it seems to wear off pretty quickly. Unless my headache is bad, which doesn't happen often, I just don't bother taking anything.  I'm nervous about taking anything that would make me drowsy, since there's a very fine line these between the right dose and an overdose.  I don't mean overdose as in I need my stomach pumped.  But, rather, it will make my stomach hurt, or I'll feel dizzy or nauseous. And getting the "right" is trial and error.

So, last night I tried DayQuil. I wanted NyQuil, but I wasn't sure how that would effect me.  I took 1/4 dose of DayQuil and that helped a lot.  So, before bed I took 1/2 a dose and I was fine.  I'm thinking tonight I'll try 1/4 dose of NyQuil--a friend who had the same surgery says it works just fine.

One good thing about getting sick nowadays:  it's not nearly as bad as before I had the surgery.  I haven't had any bouts with the stomach bug.  I've gotten close to having a cold a couple times (headache and sniffles), but never a full-blown cold until now.  

Time to go rest....


  1. I don't know if you were reading my blog when I wrote about my pain plan back in May. I was working with my doctor to find ways of dealing with migraines without using the super heavy painkillers. Caffeine and chocolate really seem to help the very basic pain pills work most effectively for me. :)

    For me with a cold, the only thing that works is pseudo-ephedrine. Of course, that also happens to be the ingredient they use to make Crystal Meth, so it is very difficult to get these days. I have to show my licence and they only give us 3 days worth of tablets. My colds tend to last 6 days and I *really* want to go out mid cold to get a second packet, like it is awesome to have to do that, NOT.

    I hope you feel better soonest! ;)

    1. My friend swears by a combo of caffeine and acetaminophen for headaches. I've tried it and it works. No cure for the common cold yet though!